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Company Overview

Profiles International provides organisations, executives business owners and employees the tools and data they need to make effective decisions about their Talent acquisition and development.

Why Profiles?

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung

If you ask a group of people if they are Self-aware, more than 90% of them will say that they are.  Yet research tells us that only about 15% of us are self-aware.

Profiles International was founded on the principle that it is through awareness that we are able to change.  That is why we are primarily an assessment company.  We believe in that through the work we do, we shall be able to change our way of work and be part of the process of Molding Cultures in Kenya, the Region and Eventually Africa.

We work with Executives, Business Owners, Organisations and individuals to Mould Cultures to provide data on their most valuable asset – People. This EQUIPS each person with information while making decision around talent management.  We value knowledge sharing and keep ourselves well versed with the trends in our field to ensure that we are continuously giving our clients Value in all that we do.

We strive for Professionalism and Quality in our work and are continuously EVOLVING and INNOVATING with the ever-changing times.

Our Third value, Ubuntu, means that together we can.  And we believe in Collaboration and are networked through a team of individuals that support us and deliver our programmes.

To learn a little bit more about our Mission I encourage you to read this blog:

Profiles International EA is the official Franchisor of Profiles International LLC for its assessments and programmes. These assessments are available in over 130 countries and have been translated to over 30 Languages.

We are Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Authorised Partners.

We represent Genos, a thought leader in the area of Emotional Intelligence and programmes.

Our latest baby, is CrossKnowledge, a digital learning platform that is a trusted Learning Partner to many organisations, globally.

Our Mission

“To provide leadership to Human Capital managers with dependable solutions networked through our competence. ”

Our Vision

“The leading provider of human capital solutions for organizations in Africa.”

Our expertise are drawn from many years of experience through network of
consultancies and solutions across the world.