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High Impact Learning Solutions Designed for Skills Acquisition

We love skills development. And that’s what our learning solutions have been designed for…

…because we believe learning outcomes matter more than the type of platform you choose.

Skill Paths


Our Learning Suite is a Digital Learning Platform that helps you easily engage your workforce with different learning experiences. It provides the right learning to the right learner in the right format with the right  learning outcomes.

  • Easy to create with a convenient L&D experience
  • Easy to administrate with a flexible platform
  • Easy to measure thanks to customizable dashboards allowing you to monitor your KPIs
  • Easy to integrate thanks to our deep technical capabilities


Our Skill Paths are designed to be meaningful, result-oriented and enjoyable. Each Path provides the right amount of information and activities to fit into a learner’s busy day – with a maximum duration of 45 minutes – and includes:

  • Social activities (polls, open questions, etc.)
  • Learning activities (e-learning modules, videos, reading material, etc.)
  • Practical activities (challenges, self-directed analyses, action plans, etc.)
CK Blend


An integrated digital learning solution to blend trusted content with engaging, real-world skill building activities!

  • Guided pedagogy
  • Exclusive Blendedx technology
  • Immediate practical application
  • Integrate any content
CK Channel v3


An integrated digital learning solution to access trusted content from the world’s top experts in a social environment, ideal for micro-learning.

  • Browse for micro-learning needs
  • Organized by topic / population
  • Self-paced / ad hoc
  • Rich social environment
CK Connect


An integrated digital learning solution offering personalized skill building for each learner in your organization individually, at scale.

  • Personalizes learning for each individual
  • Supports managers during the learning process
  • Encourages team collaboration
  • Increases L&D impact using personalization at scale