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Emotional Intelligence – Getting it Right with Genos

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Emotional Intelligence, the buzz word that is on everyone’s lips. Especially after the pandemic when so much has changed around the dynamics of work.

As we think through how we have perceived emotions, we might see that we do not put emotions and reason in the same sentence. We might have been conditioned to think that Emotions and the Logical or reasonable might be mutually exclusive. But when we talk about Emotional Intelligence, we are referring to using emotions to reason with.

In this article, I will share the Emotional Intelligence Competencies or emotional intelligence elements as used in Genos International Training Programmes which Profiles International runs within the region.. There are many models of Emotional Intelligence. Immediately after the rise of interest in the topic of Emotional Intelligence, several models that attempted to explain how we could measure Emotional Intelligence, came up. The Genos Model is one of those Models.

Self Awareness.

Like most other models, the beginning of Emotional Intelligence starts with Self awareness. And here we refer to the awareness of our emotions, our strengths and challenges, our triggers, our go to reactions. It is being aware of the impact that you have on others. If you describe yourself in a manner that others agree with, then you have a well-developed sense of self awareness.

Awareness of others

Like Self-awareness, it involves being aware of other people's moods, emotions, their strengths, challenges so that you can understand how to better collaborate or support them. People high in this competency ensure that others feel valued and they adjust their style to best fit with others.


Obviously this is where you are who you are, mind, body and soul. What you say is what you do. But more than that, this is being able to be open and express yourself effectively. And to encourage this behaviour in others. Tooting your horn about who you are but not giving people space to be themselves is not a behaviour of people with high emotional intelligence.

Emotional Reasoning

Here is where decision making sits. People with high emotional intelligence tend to make more expansive decisions. They tend to consult wider, use data from their emotions and those of others and other information to make a decision. They look at things like staff morale, their moral compass and values.

Self Management

Here is where resilience is developed. High emotional intelligence calls for consistent self management to ensure that we don’t burn out and make not-so- good decisions. It enables us to put the gap between a trigger and a reaction.

Inspiring Performance

Emotional Intelligence is about using the data we get from our emotions and others emotions intelligently. To build on good conversation and to build others. To ensure that, as a leader, you are delivering results through your team.. This competency is especially important for leadership. Emotional Intelligence in leadership is about driving engagement and being able to support others. It is about motivating those around you.

There are some articles that you can refer to if you google Emotional Intelligence pdf or even Emotional Intelligence quotes. The first step to growing is to start reading on Emotional Intelligence. And then to start having discussions around this area with peers and friends. And to start doing.

Emotional Intelligence Tests or Assessments go a long way in giving us accurate information and feedback on where we are on our growth journey.

For more information on what we do, or Emotional intelligence assessments, you can reach out to us on to the attention of Vicky Karuga. Or call us at 0722 457777

Vicky Karuga is the Managing Director of Profiles International, A leading firm in the provision of psychometric assessments in the East African Region.

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