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Getting Ready to take a Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric Tests

Article by Vicky Karuga

What is a psychometric test?

One of the questions I often get asked is how do I prepare for a psychometric assessment? This question is actually quite tricky. On one hand, I am not sure if the person is asking how do I ace a psychometric assessment or how do I get prepared so that I am ready to take it.

In an ideal world, the talk of being able to ‘ace’ a psychometric assessment should never be a concern. A psychometric assessment is a test designed to measure the more mental and psychological abilities of a person that enable or challenge this individual when they perform a certain role. This is especially true for psychometric assessments that look for job/role fit. An example of a psychometric assessment that assesses for Job Fit is the PXTSelect.

A psychometric assessment is actually an opportunity to showcase a person’s strength as well as some of the areas that they might be challenged. If you have already done a psychometrics assessment or psychometric test (As some call it) prior, and more importantly had someone take you through a debrief (whether through a written down online process/procedure or in person), then you will have addressed some of the growth areas. You see, a psychometric assessment is not the final say in any recruitment process and should usually consist of only up to 30% of the hiring decision. In most cases it will consist of a lesser percentage.

Why will recruiters use a psychometric assessment?

  1. Because, when used properly, it is quite effective in giving additional data on a person that is usually difficult to uncover during an interview.
  2. This information allows for the enrichment of the recruitment process by adding more objective data. It adds more objectivity into the hiring process.
  3. Psychometric assessments give information that will allow the interview or recruiters to perform more creative questioning that is actually informed by the candidate.
  4. It reduces the usage of generic questioning.
  5. It evens out the playing field for candidates for a more objective assessment during the hiring process.

In answering psychometrics assessments, there are no right or wrong answer. The best advice is to answer as honestly as you can. There are no psychometric assessments answers or questions in pdf for an especially good assessment created for use during recruitment. The answers are not your usual ones and if you can google an answer, that is fine too. It means that you are quick to think on your feet especially if the assessment is a cognitive assessment, that is timed. And for the world today, google is everything.

Recruiters to tend to pay a lot more attention to the personality aspect of aspects as human behavior has become something of particular interest. With most psychometric assessments trying to give information in workplace behavior, it is understandable that this type of psychometric assessment would be useful.

Assessments that include a person’s occupational interest or motivations will usually enable recruiters to understand more about a candidates inner motivations.

The best advise to give anyone who is undertaking a psychometric assessment or test is to be themselves. Having taken a few psychometrics samples online can help one grow in self awareness and understand what they would need to do to grow their developmental areas. It gives you a more objective view of self. Recruiters want to know what has one done to grow specific areas that present a challenge to the performance of a role. And you, as a candidate, are better able to articulate this if you know about it (are self aware), have read about it, have tried some type of methodology in grow in this area or even had a mentor. You will be giving yourself a chance at the role, and this better prepares you to handle the questions.

If in doubt, reach out to a certified professional who can give you more advise on
psychometrics and help you make an informed decision.

For more information on psychometric assessments, you can reach out to us on to the attention of Vicky Karuga. Or call us at 0722 457777 Vicky Karuga is the Managing Director of Profiles International, A leading firm in the provision of psychometric assessments in the East African Region.

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