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Mould A Culture

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“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”Dalai Lama

Not long ago, the Profiles International and Terracotta Moon Agency teams were sitting in a meeting room trying to put a finger on the one line that aptly summarized what the company is about.

After several suggestions, someone mentioned that we are in the business of “moulding cultures.” Everyone went silent. We had cracked it. These two words deeply and truly described what we aim to do as we work with businesses to change the world of work. Mould A Culture was born.

The world before us is changing fast. This is not new, but knowing that alone is not sufficient.  It requires moulding cultures that allow for uncertainty and agility; cultures that embrace not knowing and allow for people to grow. Cultures that create a safe space.

We have focused on what traditional business has thought as the key motivators to business growth but which Social Science keeps disproving time and again. It is time to equip us with the tools to engage in more meaningful work.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, I encourage you to watch this video by Daniel Pinks:

If you are an organization, a small or medium-sized company, Sacco, Bank, NGO any organization that sees the value in changing your World of Work, then we are looking to work with you.

From the fundamental stage of ensuring you create a proper work culture, PXT Select will help you select the right fit for your company. Our assessments will also ensure your people/workforce is able to understand each other and work better together.

Genos Emotional Intelligence is here to offer you assessments that measure how often individuals display emotionally intelligent behaviors.  Its programs are designed to improve your foundational and functional skills which can be applied within and outside your workplace.  With Genos Emotional Intelligence programs, we raise the ability of your people to be resilient and for leaders to make a lasting impact on those they lead.

With the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, we say “teamwork makes the dream work,” and that’s when the hard work is done. As a team you may not recognize how profound your differences are amongst yourselves; you may also not know how to manage the gaps and tensions or understand the costs of not doing so. As a result, some of the best ideas go unheard or unrealized, and performance suffers.

Finally, to ensure that your people are prepared for this workforce it requires that you develop agile training programs and a digital platform that will act as an enabler where people can learn and develop skills while working.

The future will always be here with us if we are intentional about where we invest today. Taking the time to intentionally create cultures that allow people to thrive in and out of work ultimately creates not only organizations that are better but also those that will ultimately change the country’s culture.


Vicky Karuga,

Managing Director,

Profiles International TMS



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Profiles International EA

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