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Make Simple and Smart Decisions for your Hiring Process.

Hiring new talent is a critical step in growing a business. We offer unique selection assessments that help organizations identify if a candidate is a right  fit for the job. We help align to roles based on the traits most important for a job role, so you can hire smarter, and retain longer.

A great talent solution to simplify your hiring needs.

Our powerful assessment helps organizations get actionable data about the people they hire and employ. With PXT Select, organizations are able to get a clear picture about a candidate’s motivations, interests and thinking styles.


Why Use PXT Select Assessments?

  Simplify the selection process.

  Engage your people.

  Reduce hiring bias.

  Increase productivity.

 Replicate top Performers.

 Reduce on the cost of bad hires.

 Increase employee retention.

 Increase employee satisfaction.

the Best

Why Our Assessments are Unique?


Our assessments are easily accessible online.


Through the use of innovative adaptive testing we offer a personalized assessment experience, and a personalized interview experience tailored for each candidate.


Built on 20+ years of research and rigorous validation, prioritizing quality with scientific data.

Trusted partnership
Trusted partnership

We work with global partners with expert knowledge and experience implementing solutions in thousands of organizations worldwide.

Our Process


Our breadth of performance models can help get everyone on the same page so they know exactly who they’re looking for, and the traits required to be successful in the role.


Data driven candidate insights help managers assess how well candidates fit the job requirements, and make better informed talent decisions.


With our unique Job Fit feature, we help to objectively compare candidates against the chosen benchmark to understand how well they fit the role requirements.


Our full suite of reports provides a path to employee engagement. Engage your workforce by helping managers onboard, coach, and develop their people to their full potential.

Who we have worked with?

Join other professionals and individuals who have used our psychometrics assessments participated in our certification programs.

Management Assessment

“As service providers for psychometric assessments, Profiles continue to handle matters pertaining to the Fund professionally and to the full satisfaction of the Board of Trustees”

M.S. Simiyu

HR & Administration Officer, Kenya Power Pension Fund

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