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Review your DISC personality type.

Personality Types

Review your DiSC personality type.

DiSC theory was developed in the 1920s by William Moulton Marston in his book The Emotions of Normal People. Marston writes that people can be identified by what he calls “basic emotions” and behavioral reactions. The four behaviors he identified were:

  • Dominance (D)
  • Influence (I)
  • Steadiness (S)
  • Conscientious (C)

Marston believed that a person’s personality is not composed of a single style. We have a mixture of all these styles and certain styles we describe more naturally than others. Marston used images from a color wheel to illustrate his theory, saying that although one color best represents a person, evidence of other colors can still be seen. It is important to note that although Marston never developed the DiSC personality test, his theories serve as the basis for DiSC Basic. Although the DiSC assessment has evolved since Marston’s theory, his four DiSC personality types have remained the same. Here is an overview of Marston’s DiSC personality types.


D Personality TypeDominance: D personality type

As the signs suggest, most people in this category have a dominant personality. People with this style:

  • immediate
  • results-oriented
  • strong will

People with this style seek to control situations and other people. They are very suspicious and quick. People with this style often have little tolerance for people and situations that do not align with their goals, beliefs, or desires. As a result, they may be more irritable or argumentative than the average person. They do not express their opinions openly, but they are honest. Without this style, our team would not have been able to complete the project as quickly.


Influencer: Type i personalityI Personality Type

One of the best adjectives to describe this DISC style is liberating. People with this style often:

  • open
  • high intelligence
  • passionate
  • of society

The biggest behavioral difference between i personality types is that they seek out social opportunities and are more talkative than the average person. Often, people of this style are very positive in their relationships. People with this style are often the first to arrive and the last to leave. When asked to draw a picture to represent their style, the group often draws a martini glass to show how gregarious they are. Our team wouldn’t be interesting without this style.


Steadiness: S personality typeS Personality Type

S-style people have a warm relationship with people. They are often described as:

  • Quiet
  • peaceful
  • Equally

Personality type S

Patience is one of the biggest differences that sets this style apart from others. Often they are consultants to a particular group. They listen patiently to the problems of their peers or colleagues and are usually interested in what others have to say.


Without this style, our team would not be supported. personality type C

C Personality TypeConscience: Type C personality

A person with the C Style is usually described as analytical. Along with being analytical, individuals with this style are:

  • Private
  • Accurate
  • Reserved

People with this style will typically take more time on projects than others because they 1) want to understand as much as they can, and 2) ensure that any opinion or work they provide is accurate. They have a strong attention to details, and are frequently finding ways to be more systematic to ensure that they are being as accurate as possible.

Our team wouldn’t be right without this style. What is a mixed disc personality type?

DiSC Basic reinforces Marston’s DiSC theory by presenting eight DISC personality types. Additional styles allow more nuance when defining styles. Here is an overview of DISC binding styles.

What are the combination DISC Personality Styles?


DI ID Personality TypeDI/ID Personal type

Dominance/Influence (Di/iD style)

People with this card describe themselves as adventurous and brave. They often think of themselves as businessmen or entrepreneurs rather than ordinary people. They usually have a combination of confidence and social security that can be described as magnetic or inspiring. The DI style is accurately described as persuasive and bold, while the ID style is accurately described as exuberant and inspiring.


Exposure/durability (IS or SI):SI IS DISC Personality Type

The word “sensitive” is a great way to describe people with this personality type. Another way is “fun”. People with this style usually trust others and see the good in others. They see themselves as compassionate and kind. The IS style is fun and endearing, while the SI style is supportive and playful. 19426

SC CS DISC Personality TypeSC-CS DISC Personality type

Sobriety/Sobriety (SC or CS):

People with SC or CS styles are less likely to act and consider options. They are thorough in their decision-making and describe their pace as steady and progressive. Compared to the average person, there is less external energy. This style is also associated with a certain passivity. People with this style prefer to work behind the scenes or lead others. The SC style is described as vague and uncomplicated, while the CS style is quiet and controlled. The main characteristics of these two styles are:

  • punctuality
  • indifference.

Literacy/Mastery (CD or DC):DC CD DISC Personality Type

People in this category are more skeptical than the average person, but they are not overly aggressive or withdrawn. The word provocative is often used to describe someone with this style. They tend to be compassionate and patient with those who do not meet their standards. Similarly, because they may not engage in social cunning, they often manifest as interpersonal cynicism or humility. The CD’s style has been described as sentimental and corporate. DC’s style has been described as unique and exciting.

Do you know your DiSC personality type? We recommend that new DiSC users get the DiSC Basic Profile as it has been tested and researched.

Take the assessment by contacting us at or WhatsApp/call us at +254 722457777 to discover your DiSC style today! 😎

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